I put on my car



                Petter works in a factory. He gets a lot of money every week. He likes cars and he buys a new car every year. He always buys small , fast red cars. Petter is very tall and fat. He is very  happy.

          One day , he goes to his car in the street. There is a small boy near it. He is looking at the beautiful red car.

          He asks Petter : " How do you get into that small car ? "

           Petter laughs and says : " I don’t get into it . I put on it ."


1- جواب درست را با Tو جواب غلط را با Fمشخص کنید.


1.Petter works in a factory.                       (T)  (F)

2.He doesn't get much money.                 (T)  (F)

3.He likes small cars .                                 (T)  (F)

4.He usually puts on his car.                    (T)  (F)

5.He has a blue car now.                           (T)  (F)

6.A small boy is sitting in his car.           (T)  (F)


2- به این پرسش ها پاسخ کامل بدهید.


1.Where does Petter work?

2.Does he get a little money?

3.Was a little girl looking at the car ?

4.What does Petter look like ?


3- جواب درست را انتخاب کنید.

1.Petter says: "I ………….. my car."

a.get into        b.look at       c.put on       d.get up

2. He is a ………..man.

a.small            b.happy         c.new          d.red

3.He buys a new car every …………. 

a.week            b.year          c.day            d.month

4.There is a ……….. boy near his car.

a.tall                 b.small                  c.fat


4- با انتخاب گزینه ی صحیح متن زیر را کامل کنید.


Petter …………  (walks-buys-works) in a factory. He is a tall man but his car is …………..  (small-happy-red). He ………..  (buys-sees-says) a small boy ……….

(in-near-under) his car. He gets a lot of …………….. (men-cars-money) , so he buys a ……………… (red-small-new) car every  week.




Repairing Watches




   Jimmy is forty years old . When he was a boy he liked watches and clocks very much  Now, he has a small shop and repairs watches . A lot of friends give him their watches and he repairs them .

   One day a good friend gives him a watch and says : " My watch doesn’t work . Please repair it for me ."

   Jimmy says :" Yes, sir. "

   After a few days he gives the watch to   his friend and gets some money for it. Then he gives his friend a small box and says : " Here are three wheels from your watch . I can not find a place for them . "


1- درست یا غلط بودن جمله های زیر را مشخص کنید.


1.Jimmy buys clocks in his shop .                             (T)  (F)

2.He repairs his friend's clock .                                  (T)  (F)

3.He likes watches .                                                   (T)  (F)

4.His friend's watch doesn't work .                            (T)  (F)


2- جواب درست را انتخاب کنید.


1.Jimmy works in a(n) ………… 

a. library               b.shop              c.store              d.office

2.He ……….. watches and clocks . 

a. buys                 b.gives              c.repairs          d.shows

3.He puts three ………….. in a box . 

a. wheels              b.watches         c.clocks           d.wallets

4.His friend gives him a …………. to repair it .

a. watch                b.clock              c.wheel            d.shop


3- به این پرسش ها پاسخ کامل بدهید.


1.What does Jimmy do ?


2.How old is he?


3.Is he a good repair man ?


4.Does he work in an office ?


New House


   John lived with his grandfather in a big house.Their house was very big for them , so he bought a small house in a new street .

    He had a nice and old clock in his first house. He wanted to take it to his new house . He picked it up and was going to his new house . It was heavy , so he stopped two or three times to have a rest.

   When he was going in the street , a small boy came near and looked at him. Then he said to John : "You're a silly man . Why don't you buy a watch like everybody ?"

1-با توجه به متن درستی یا نادرستی جملات زیر را تعیین کنید.

1.John and his grandmother lived in a small house.              (T)  (F)

2.He bought a small house in a new street .                         (T)  (F)

3.He had a new clock.                                                             (T)  (F)

4.John was a silly man.                                                            (T)  (F)

5.He rested  two or three times in the street .                   (T)  (F)

2- به اين پرسش ها پاسخ کامل بدهید.

1.Did John have an old watch?


2.Why did he buy a new house ?


3.Who saw John in the street ?


3- با توجه به متن پاسخ درست را انتخاب کنید.

1.John lived ……… his mother.      

a.with                                    b.near                                  c.by

2.He had a ………clock.

a.new                                     b.dirty                                 c.nice

3.He …….. three times in the street.

a.broke                                 b.rested                               c.wanted

4.A small boy came ……. and looked at him . 

a.first                                  b.near                                   c.first


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